The power of dance is undeniable. The beauty and grace it nurtures is unmistakable. The strength and confidence it instills is irreversible. You can encourage these amazing attributes in your child by giving them the gift of dance.

Desert Sun Performing Arts invites you and your dancer to experience the true joy of dance in our nurturing, family friendly environment. Our specialized pre-school programs are designed to maximize your child's learning experience because we do not mix ages in class. Classes are tailor made for a specific age group (2, 3, 4, or 5 year olds). This allows us to focus on what works best for children at specific stages of development and allows them to develop to their fullest potential.

Our staff of highly qualified, experienced instructors will help guide your little ones with their contagious enthusiasm, gentle discipline and unyielding passion for this beautiful art form.

- Dancers receive individual attention in classes of limited size.
- Our instructors are professional educators that know how to translate technique and experience into an effective learning experience.
- Guest instructors and workshops for a well-rounded education.
- Programs for recreational and competition dancers (We appreciate both equally).
- Several public performance opportunities (not required but encouraged).
- In our 13th year of business in the valley.
- Missed classes can be made up within the same season at no extra charge . (Must be active student)
- We offer free trial classes. (Please call 520-483-8915)
- Multiple family members enjoy our sibling/family discount
- HASSLE FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on tuition! (We are that confident you will LOVE it here!)