Rising Stars (Ages 2 - 5)

2 year old rising stars

In this class, children gain an understanding about moving their bodies in different ways with a variety of different activities.  We dance, tumble, stretch and explore creativity all while learning to listen, follow directions, and take turns.  We also use different props such as wands, ribbons, and bean bags to teach about rhythm, and music.  Our 30 minute class is full of fun to keep up with the changing attention of 2 year olds.

3 year old rising stars

This class exposes students to the joy of dance through creative movement, imaginative play, movement games, and singing. The class helps the development of motor skills as well as communication and social skills.  We introduce the basics of ballet in Center Barre and work on other skills as we move across the floor.  Children enjoy using their imaginations as we learn choreography to different music, and pantomime various animals, actions and situations.  We explore locomotion and use various props to further our dance experience.

4 year old rising stars

4 year olds will love our 50 minute Rising Stars course as they dance in this combination class of Ballet and Tap. They will learn beginning terminology and steps that work on basic motor skills including running, skipping, hopping, leaping and jumping. Students will begin to learn musicality and music awareness while learning rhythms and enhancing their fine motor skills. They will also take pleasure in learning about locomotion and creative movement as well as learning choreography to different music.  This class develops not only movement, flexibility and balance, but also individual and peer group skills.

5 year old rising stars

This is a fun, yet structured dance class consisting of ballet and tap.  Students will learn ballet and tap terminology, center barre techniques, warmup exercises, combinations and many routines to ballet and tap music geared for young children.  The students imagination and self esteem are encouraged and strengthened as we use creative movement and props in our learning process. This is a great class to help young children further develop motor skills, flexibility, coordination and confidence as well as make new friends.


  • Any color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers
  • Black tap shoes for 4-5 year olds


  • $49 Per Month for 1st class
  • 20% off each add'l class


  • $35 Registration
  • $90 Recital Fee (Optional) - includes Pro DVD and commemorative t-shirt
  • $75-$90 Recital Costume (Optional)