Tap : Clogging

Fun filled tap classes that focus on technique and choreography. Students will learn a foundation of tap steps used in contemporary tap dancing. This foundation of tap steps will help develop the students' ability to learn and perform choreography. Students should feel challenged and accomplished by the end of every class. Tap-a-Tap-a-Tap-a!

Clogging is a truly American dance form that began in the Appalachian Mountains and now enjoys widespread popularity throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

For the most part, clogging evolved as an individual form of expression, using the feet as an instrument to make music.

Clogging today is influenced by popular culture incorporating Tap dancing, Canadian Step Dancing, Irish Hard Shoe,  Street Dancing, Hip-Hop and even Pom and Cheer.  Clogging provides fun and exciting entertainment with impressive precision footwork.